Month: March 2014

Attention: Descendants of Rushe, Ryan, Ansbro, Mc Manus and others….

NFTW-AmYou may recall that I researched and wrote “Not From The Wind”, a history of my own and my wife’s families, some years ago. I had copies printed and bound and I distributed them among some of our extended families at that time. I also sent extracts from the book to many people who contacted me about my research.

Since then, much new information has come to light which enabled me to extend and revise the original and to correct some errors. I wanted to make the book available (free of charge) to anybody who was interested. I have recently published the new and updated version of “Not From The Wind”  as an ebook and it is available for download now from the better known ebook outlets.

The book can be downloaded from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords or the Apple iBook Store and other outlets. (Note. Amazon will not accept and list free ebooks from authors so I had to price it at their minimum £0.77. However, they have a policy of zeroising the price if the book is on sale free of charge elsewhere so that this should happen soon.) It is available free on all other outlets.

If you have a Kindle, iPad, Nook, a smart phone or other tablet reader, you can download the book from your favourite ebook store. As you may know, you can also read an ebook on your PC or Mac. Look here if you are unsure of the procedure.

If you think anybody else in the extended family might be interested in finding out more about their forebears, please pass on this information to them.

For more information about “Not From The Wind”  and two other books which I have published, see my blog.


Can I read ebooks on a PC or Mac?

Can I read Colman Rushe’s ebooks on my PC or Mac? (I hear you cry). Do I need a hand-held e-reader thingummy?

You don’t need a Kindle, a Nook, an iPad or any such tablet device in order to download and read ebooks. There are many free applications available for download which can enable you to have a pleasant reading experience on your laptop or desktop computer. The most popular for PC users are Kindle PC, Adobe Digital Editions, eReader Pro and Nook. Mac users can download Kindle, Nook, Adobe Digital Editions or eReader Pro.

You can download ebooks from Smashwords which are readable on any of the above applications. You just select the format which is most suitable for you – Smashwords provide an easy guide to help you.

If you’re downloading from Amazon, the Kindle applications are most suitable because Amazon provides you with books in the .mobi format which is fully compatible with Kindle.

Barnes and Noble and most other sellers provide books in .epub format which can be read on Nook, eReader and Adobe Digital Editions.

Of course, you can also read ebooks on your smartphone by using one of the many apps which are readily available from your app store.

If you want to delve further, I suggest you read Jeaniene Frost’s excellent blog about reading an ebook without an ereader.

If you have any problem, let me know and I’ll try to help.

Red-Headed Angel

Red-Headed AngelIn a small town in the west of Ireland, the wife of a bank official is kidnapped resulting in the handover of one million euro. Tom Judge  is sent to investigate on behalf of the bank and to liaise with the police enquiry. When the police suspect that the kidnap victim and her husband might be complicit in the crime, Tom disagrees and single-mindedly persists in exploring other options. Are criminal gangs involved or is the crime the work of militant IRA dissidents? Or is there a deeper and more sinister motivation? Secrets, lies and deception are gradually uncovered as a sequence of dramatic twists enables Tom to slowly edge towards the truth. But his stubborn persistence has an adverse impact on his budding relationship with banker Angela Tuohy and results in a reappraisal of his solitary future and his relationships with his ex-wife and daughter.

Having completed Hold To Account, my first novel, I decided to write a more conventional and carefully plotted crime suspense novel and to locate most of the action in a town very similar to Claremorris, County Mayo, where I grew up. My previous book was set in the period of economic growth known as the Celtic Tiger but the actions described in Red-Headed Angel take place a few years later following the catastrophic collapse of the Irish economy which necessitated a financial bail-out by the European Union. As a subtext, I wanted to give a flavour of the benefits and disadvantages of rural Irish life and to explore the erosion of public confidence in politicians, bankers and clergy together with potentially devastating prejudice which can arise from this. But the main focus of the book would be the effort to find out who committed the crime and why.

While writing Hold To Account, I became interested in Tom Judge, a minor if pivotal character. He seemed to take on a life of his own and to possess a moral compass and a self-confidence which many of the other characters lacked. I wanted to find out more about him and I wondered how he would react if placed under pressure in a situation which challenged his beliefs and principles.

Red-Headed Angel” is a 99,000 word mystery/suspense novel and is available now from Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBook Store and other ebook outlets. If you read and enjoy it, please review it on the seller’s website.