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Colman Rushe grew up in the west of Ireland where he was encouraged to read voraciously by his parents. Having spent his working life in Ireland, he took early retirement from a career in banking and moved to live on the south coast of Spain. He spends his time writing, reading, walking, playing music, researching family history and eating tapas with his wife. He caught the writing bug when compiling a family history and then attended a creative writing course at the Irish Writers’ Centre in Dublin. He has since written two novels and a memoir and is working on a historical novel.

Colman’s books are available in paperback at Amazon.

Colman’s ebooks are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and the Apple iBook Store.

Colman’s music is available for streaming or download from Bandcamp and also from Soundcloud


  1. Just finished reading The Things we ve handed down. Found the book a very worthwhile read.
    Brought back lots of good memories of my childhood living in Claremorris. My family lived in Balla Road very close to Colman Rushes Grandad and Grandmother.


  2. Hi Colman.
    Just read The Things We’ve Handed down. It’s a Brilliant Book. I grew up in mace in that era before moving to Dublin. Wen t to your Dad to show me Guitar cord. I told Michael Commons Mid West radio about your books. He is very interested as he didn’t know of them. Your books are not of stock in Amazon. Only on kindle. Thanks for putting the west and that era on record
    John Carney


    1. John.
      Thanks for your kind comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the book. My books were available to Irish readers as paperbacks on Amazon until very recently. They can still be bought from Amazon by UK residents and in other countries but not from Ireland. I suspect it’s a temporary Brexit-related problem. I’ve contacted Amazon about it and am awaiting an explanation. Strangely, a person resident in Ireland can order a paperback version of my book from the Amazon.de (Germany) website. Doesn’t make much sense.
      I hope all is well with you.


  3. Hi Colman. Read your book “The things we’ve handed down”. Really enjoyed it. Lived just above the Drimineen bridge.😀 Relived my childhood all over again. Worked for a small time with you in Galway.



  4. Colman I read your book with great interest as I knew your family, particularly your mum. My mum (Maura Kelly) enjoyed your mum’s company very very much. When your mum used to visit our house, us kids would have to move closer to the TV as they were both big loud talkers. Your mum had the most wicked laugh. I think I learnt something from your book and have a deeper understanding of the time. Through your story about your parents I think I may have learnt something about my own, so thank you. 


    1. Dympna. Thank you for your kind comments. I’m pleased that you enjoyed the book.
      Of course, I remember Maura Kelly, who was a close friend of my mother, and also your father, Des, a kind man who always seemed to have a twinkle in his eye. I hope you’re keeping well. Colman.


  5. Colman, I haven’t had an opportunity to read your books yet but look forward to doing so soon. We worked together in Bank of Ireland 16 Park St, Dundalk in the 1980’s and I am delighted your are living such a fruitful life. All the best with your writing and your life. John Ryan [Ballinasloe]


  6. Dear Colman, I enjoyed reading your article in the Irish Times recently about moving to Spain. My husband and I are plannng to do the same with in a few years. I wonder if you have any advice or tips re what Eu citizens need to do in order to settle in Spain? What are the best websites etc for finding information about registering for health care and opening bank accounts etc.?


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